Keep Your Yard Tick Free!

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As we push into the hottest days of summer, you might find yourself, your pets, family and friends spending time in your yard. While being outside is great for BBQs, bonfires and pool parties, one small pest can take all that fun and bring it to an end the second they’re spotted. Have you found any ticks in your yard? Harmful to humans and animals alike, knowing there are an abundance of ticks ready to strike can make even the most beautiful yard unappealing. Looking for ways to keep your yard guest-friendly and tick-free? Keep reading for a few different ways to keep your loved ones safe all season long.

Plant the Right Stuff

Many plants, including sage, mint, lavender and rosemary naturally repel ticks. Bugs, specifically ticks, do not like the oils and textures these plants create, making them a great natural way to protect your yard from infestation. Include some of these natural repellents in your landscaping around doors and windows to prevent ticks from traveling indoors!

Discourage Carriers, Welcome Consumers

Deer and mice are some of the most common animals that carry ticks into our yards. When you discourage these carriers from your home, ticks will be less likely to make themselves at home in your yard. Choose plants that deer and mice are not attracted to, or put a fence up in your yard for maximum protection. You can also encourage birds like bluejays and robins by setting up a feeder in your yard! These feathered friends love to snack on bugs like ticks and will be more than willing to help keep your yard safe.

No Tick Habitats Here

The best way to keep ticks out of your yard? Make sure that you take care of the landscaping you’ve put in! Avoid long grasses and overgrown plants, as ticks thrive in damp, shady areas. You can also discourage ticks from traveling off of your backyard plants by surrounding them with cedar chips! The cedar oil is a natural repellent to ticks and they will not be interested in climbing off their habitat if the plants are surrounded by cedar mulch.

No matter how well you take care of your yard and prepare it to keep ticks away, there is always a chance that one will make it onto you or one of your loved one’s bodies. Even if you are only outside for a short while, remember to always check to make sure that no one in your party has an unwelcome guest coming along with them for a ride. Be sure to use more than one of these tick prevention tactics for the best results possible, and you’ll be able to enjoy your yard worry-free for the rest of summer! 

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